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How to pick the best hair color for your skin tone

Let’s be honest knowing the best hair color for our skin can be hard. Not only choosing the best color to complement our skin tones but also what shades with in a particular color to choose from. This doesn't mean that you can't do, say, blonde hair on dark skin, it just means that in order for it to look as flattering as it possibly can, you may want to choose the warmth or coolness of the color depending on your unique skin tone. If you’re anything like me you’re asking yourself “what is my skin tone”? These are a few basic tips to help you decide what hair color will look most flattering on you. You will need to determine if you are cool or warm skinned toned.

  1. Check your veins

Another sure answer is if you turn your wrist upside down and look to the inside where your veins are most visible. Most everyone either have blue or purple veins which helps determine if you have cool skin tone or warm skin tones. However there are those lucky few whom are considered neutral if your vein color is somewhere in between. In which case you can usually go either way!

2. Eye color

Eye color can also be a helpful tool to determining the best hair color. Usually people with blue eyes usually look most flattering in cooler colors. If you have green eyes, the ash blonde or light brown shades may be ideal for you.

3. Sun’s effect

Ask yourself if you’re out in the sun if you usually tan pretty easily or if you need to very careful because you burn easily. If you fit into the first category you are probably more warm toned where as if you burn easily you are probably cool toned.

I have included some pictures of celebrities that are good model’s of cool & warm skin tones with complimenting hair colors. This can also be helpful when communicating with your hairdresser to let them know if you prefer warmer or cooler hair colors.

These blondes have more of a “cool skin” tone.

Warm skin tone hair colors

This is a cool & warm balayage

Cool & warm red hair

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